WeEn Semiconductors
WeEn Semiconductors is a world leader in the volume production of high quality Thyristors and Rectifiers. They were created as the result of a spin off of the Bipolar power products division of NXP. WeEn has expanded beyond their line of Fast Recovery Diodes to include Schottky, and SiC diodes. They recently introduced their first high speed IGBT. While the name has changed, the part numbers and fabrication locations remain the same with excellent consistentancy and competitive pricing.
Key Products
Broad range of fast switching diodes for PFC applications. Extensive portfolio of Thyristors including extended operating temperature range, higher voltage and higher current.
Special Products / Capabilities
ACT & ACTT 3Q TRIAC with overvoltage clamping. TOPTRIAC - Temperature Overload Protected devices. Isolated packages. Small form factor power devices including SMT.
Volume production, breadth of product
Sales Channel
Arrow Electronics, Avnet, Digi-Key, Mouser, Newark

Innovative New Generations of SiC Diodes

In production on their 5th generation of SiC diodes, promising results on their 6th gen.



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