Everspin Technologies
Everspin Technologies manufactures MRAM (Magnetic RAM) with either a standard SRAM or SPI interface featuring densities up to 4 Mbit. They have start full production of their STT DDR3/4 compatible MRAM with densities at 256 Mbit and higher. These are non-volatile memory devices that have equal or better performance than the devices that they replace. No data corruption issues during power down. Byte level write, non-destructive read, radiation tolerant, secure (one pass erase) and extremely high data retention.
Key Products
Toggle MRAM. Replacements for SRAM and SPI Serial Flash. Byte level granularity. Densities up to 16 Mb (32 Mb coming soon). Spin Transfer Torque (STT) MRAM for DDR3/DDR4 DRAM application that require persistence. Densities up to 1 Gb.
Special Products / Capabilities
Only volume producer of MRAM
High speed memory with Persistance (non-volatility), Quick Erase, high endurance (no wear-out), byte level read/write, radiation tolerant, long data retention, secure erase.
Sales Channel
Arrow Electronics, Digi-Key, Edge Electronics, Future Electronics, Micross, Mouser



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