RLC Electronics
RLC Electronics is a manufacturer of custom and standard high frequency Filters, Attenuators, Detectors, Mechanical Switches, Power Dividers & Combiners, Couplers, and Terminations to 65 GHz. For industrial and military applications. They also produce DC Blocks and Bias Tees
Key Products
RF Electromechanical Switches, Precision Filters, Attenuators, Detectors, Power Dividers & Combiners, Couplers, Terminations to 65 GHz, DC Blocks, Bias Tees. Customer solutions.
Special Products / Capabilities
Switches up to 65 GHz. No minimum order sizes. 10 day production guaranty on many of the filter styles offered. Last QPL supplies of RF Electromechanical switches.
Ability to produce the same parts for decades.
Sales Channel
Orders may be placed either directly or via STSCO. For more information, click here



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