Nichicon is a global manufacturer Aluminum Electrolytic, Solid Polymer electrolytics, Polyester Film, and Electrolytic Double Layer Capacitors (EDLCs/Supercaps). They produce a wide variety of styles including SMT, Radial, Snap-in and screw terminal packages. For volume applications, they also produce ganged configuration EDLC for bulk charge storage.
Key Products
Aluminum Electrolytics, Solid Conductive Polymer (organic) Lytics, Double Layer and Film Capacitors.
Special Products / Capabilities
Solid conductive polymer caps with up to 100V rating. Pencil(CS & PZ) cap series for low profile applications. Double layer (super caps) up to 4000 farads. Small Lithium Ion Batteries (SLB). Power Film Capacitors with addition of ICEL lineup. Inventory search engine on the website.
Very broad product range. Large inventory position at all distributors.
Sales Channel
Allied Electronics, Arrow Electronics, Digi-Key, Future Electronics, Mouser, Newark, TTI



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