Isolink/Skyworks manufactures high performance standard and custom Optoisolators and Optocouplers. Their portfolio of products includes radiation tolerant devices and parts rated at very high voltage devices. They also have experience in the area of medical devices such as embedded defibrillators. Their product range is available in a variety of package styles including hybrid/chip style and hermetic packaging. In addition, as they are now part of Skyworks, they now also offer upscreened and
Key Products
Standard and custom Optocouplers and and Optoisolators for Hi-rel, high performance, high voltage, and rad hard applications. Also products for hybrid/MCM applications. Customized packaging for unique applications.
Special Products / Capabilities
Customization capability. Extensive charactization data for all types radiation exposure sufficient to support space level requirements. Hermetic sealed and upscreened RF Discretes from Skyworks (their parent company).
Technical knowledge, stability.
Sales Channel
Orders may be placed either directly or via STSCO. For more information, click here



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